[Association of Private Kidney Care Providers of Malaysia ]

The Association is established to

  1. Foster the development of the private kidney care services including dialysis, and recognition of its participants’ specific body of knowledge and distinctive fields of professional responsibilities
  2. Maintain and enhance the reputation of the industry and its contribution to public health, and to work with the Payers, Government and other relevant authorities on such matters
  3. Take concerted action as an industry association in matters affecting the industry and its members and to make representations to Payers and Government on the effect of regulations or reimbursement related rules that Government and Payer may introduce from time to time
  4. Promote a closer relationship and an improved understanding among industry participants and individual managers, health professionals, payers and regulatory authorities.
  5. Drive the introduction of new kidney care and dialysis technology and advance patient access to these technology.
  6. Foster the development of training and continuing education programmes for professionals working in the industry.
  7. Strengthen the capacity for scientifically sound and ethically proper research on kidney care and dialysis therapies
  8. Undertake research and collect information relating to the industry as may be of service and interest to members
  9. Disseminate information on developments in kidney care and dialysis therapies to the Public, Health Professionals, Payers and Regulatory authority
  10. Take any lawful action incidental or conducive to the attainment of the objective of the Association