[Association of Private Kidney Care Providers of Malaysia ]

Achievements of the private industry

The dialysis sector of our healthcare industry has grown by leaps and bounds in the past 25 years. In 2012, the sector provides regular dialysis treatments for almost 30,000 patients with ESRD at an economic cost of about RM 1.2 billion and provides employment opportunities for large number of health professionals. The sector is also positively unique in many ways:

These are no mean accomplishments, and undoubtedly the private dialysis sector has contributed significantly to this in many ways:

Challenges facing the dialysis industry
However, the growth and success of the private dialysis industry has also brought forth many challenges such as:

However it is reasonable to expect that:
- Private dialysis providers be consulted and due process is followed before any new regulations are issued
- Any new regulations be backed by scientific justification, especially if they deviate from international norms (such as ISO standards)
- The rules are applied fairly to all, and not selectively targeting private providers
- And finally due consideration be given to the cost of compliance with a new rule (for example, if dialyzer reuse is to be banned, then current reimbursement rate must be adjusted accordingly)

- Death rates on HD have been rising and this surely must raise quality concerns.
- There may be increasing anti-competitive behavior in channeling patients to preferred providers thus restricting patients’ choices
- Tiered pricing in dialysis equipment and consumables to the disadvantage of private sector

These challenges require the collective resolve of the industry to address; they are beyond the effort of a single company. Like other healthcare industry associations such as APHM, PhAMA, MMDA etc, we ought to collectively, rather than individually, engage stakeholders and sympathetic policy makers to help resolve these challenges. We need an industry association to speak with one voice, and the corresponding leadership to galvanize the commitment of all companies to overcome these challenges and to advance the industry in Malaysia.

The APKCPM is thus conceived through the joint efforts of private dialysis providers, and is motivated by the recognition of dialysis as an important industry in our country as well as by the fact that dialysis is a rigorous science and technology based therapy with its own body of requisite knowledge and skills those working in the field are expected to possess to demonstrate professional competence.

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